Thinking & acting

What do our customers expect from us?

Comprehensive, fast, and professionally competent advice on all matters related to LED lighting for industrial image processing.
Fast delivery of ordered lights. High controlled quality of the housing and the used LEDs.
Friendly, honest, and reliable action. From customer order to invoicing.

What are our requirements?

Positive image. Full customer satisfaction. Each customer is a reference. Optimal performance through motivated team.
Creation of a fair win/win situation for both the customer and us. Unrestricted accommodation for regular customers.

Falcon Siegel

The satisfaction of our customers determines all our actions and doings.

FALCON Illumination MV GmbH & Co. KG is a well-structured company with a reliable, competent, and innovative team.
Our employees are accommodating to our customers wishes for their benefit.

With its comprehensive range of LED lighting - both in range of offer and in depth of offer - FALCON has made a good name for itself in the "Industrial Image Processing" sector.

The FALCON brand name is protected throughout Europe and stands for LED lighting for industrial image processing. FALTEC serves as a protected brand name for everything related to LED lighting, i.e. accessories, etc.

The openness, friendliness, and honesty of the team constantly increases the customer base. In particular, the number of our regular customers is pleasingly increasing. This is an important measure and at the same time a milestone for securing the companys future.

FALCON tries to be one step ahead of its competitors. That is why the manufacturer constantly expands its strengths such as customer lighting, permanent quality, high flexibility, and absolute punctuality.

We know that our customers expect not only quality, but also friendliness and individual all-round service. That is why we convince our customers with exceptional services: They are relieved wherever possible.

FALCON informs its customers through clear information with the highest possible transparency. In advertising, we offer factual information based on a benefit analysis. The LED lighting catalogue is published as basic information once a year. The website is updated continuously, and Short News informs about news from the company at irregular intervals. The VISION trade fair in Stuttgart offers the opportunity to meet the team in person.

FALCON Illumination MV GmbH & Co. KG conducts its business on the basis of secure liquidity. Therefore, the technology can constantly work on further developments with sufficient budget.

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