LED Lightings Diffuse Back Light FLFL-Si140-IR


Artikel-Nr.: 6-3-14012-55

LED Diffuse Back Light

6-3-14012-55 FLFL-Si140-IR LED Diffuse Back Light 1 FLFL-Si140.svg IR (850 nm) ir.svg 12 7.2

Color: IR (850 nm)
Current: 0.6 A
Power Consumption: 7.2 W
Operating Voltage: 12 V
Operating Voltage: 12 V
Current: 0.6 A
Power Consumption: 7.2 W
Voltage: Continuous = 12V Pulsing 12-24V 0-10% Duty Cycle
Ripple Voltage: ≤ Vs ±5% V
Eye safety: Exempt Group
IP Rating: IP 50
Connector: JST SMR-02V
Connector Pin: Pin 1: + Pin 2: -
Reverse Battery Protection: yes
Housing: Aluminium
Cable: 300 mm
Weight: Approx. 420 g
LED Color: IR (850 nm)
LED Package: SMD
LED Life Span Strobe: Est. >50,000 hours (drop to 50% intensity at 25°C ambient temperature)
LED Life Span Continous: 20,000 hours
Number of LED
Total Number of LED: 168 LED(s)
Operating Condition: Temp 0-35 °C, Humidity 20-85%
Operating Temperature: after 60 minutes approx. 38°C
Cooling Method: Attached to large machine part
Working Distance: 10-100mm
Product image FLFL-Si140-IR
Cable/Connector configuartion
We typically provide a cable with a length of approximately 30-50 cm and a JST connector as standard. You can find the exact dimensions in our Drawing.


JST Male (Standard)
JST Female
Open cable end
M8 3-pin Male
M8 3-pin Female
M8 4-pin Male
M8 4-pin Female
M12 4-pin Male
M12 4-pin Female
M12 5-pin Male
M12 5-pin Female