LED Lightings Bar Light F2DL

Standardized Light Bars

Top quality at a top price. The new F2DL light bar is not only affordable, but offers many additional advantages.

Standardized Light Bars

Top quality at a top price. The new F2DL light bar is not only affordable, but offers many additional advantages.

Lighting Design

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An array of lenses is inserted above the SMD LEDs to focus the emitted light from αLight = 120° to αLensLight = 60°. This reduction in light angle results in a focused beam of light that guarantees higher brightness on the test piece.

A further rail is located above this lens array, which allows for the insertion of a diffuser and a polarizing filter or collimator disc. Any deformation or bending of the diffuser disc, which can occur due to the thermal radiation of the LEDs, is prevented preventively by continuous rail contact.

Regarding the housing, there are two effective improvement measures: Firstly, the housing is equipped with cooling fins which ensure optimal heat dissipation, which in turn has a positive effect on the lifespan of the LEDs. Secondly, the rear of the housing has a T-slot profile, which ensures flexible and comfortable mounting in systems. In addition to this mounting option, the existing attachment variant using mounting brackets on the narrow sides of the housing still exists.

For a more flexible cable outlet on the housing, a new 2-in-1 solution has been developed, where the cable can be executed both laterally and backwards.

Our F2DL is currently available in three different widths: b1= 15mm, b2= 27mm, and b3= 50mm. The length of the F2DL is variable, and is a multiple of the pitch length (lPitch = 35mm).

Application Examples
UV Applications
Reflective Objects
Illuminating Surfaces
Outline Control in Dark Field



Light: Front light

Model Size Color Volt Watt Name PDF
F2DL-35x15 45x25x20 mm White 24 V 1.44 W F2DL-Si35x15-W PDF
45x25x20 mm Green 24 V 1.44 W F2DL-Si35x15-G PDF
45x25x20 mm Blue 24 V 1.44 W F2DL-Si35x15-B PDF
45x25x20 mm Red 24 V 1.92 W F2DL-Si35x15-R24 PDF
F2DL-70x15 80x25x20 mm White 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si70x15-W PDF
80x25x20 mm Green 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si70x15-G PDF
80x25x20 mm Blue 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si70x15-B PDF
80x25x20 mm Red 24 V 3.84 W F2DL-Si70x15-R24 PDF
F2DL-105x15 115x25x20 mm White 24 V 4.32 W F2DL-Si105x15-W PDF
115x25x20 mm Green 24 V 4.32 W F2DL-Si105x15-G PDF
115x25x20 mm Blue 24 V 4.32 W F2DL-Si105x15-B PDF
115x25x20 mm Red 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si105x15-R24 PDF
F2DL-140x15 150x25x20 mm White 24 V 5.76 W F2DL-Si140x15-W PDF
150x25x20 mm Green 24 V 5.76 W F2DL-Si140x15-G PDF
150x25x20 mm Blue 24 V 5.76 W F2DL-Si140x15-B PDF
F2DL-140x27 150x35x20 mm White 24 V 9.60 W F2DL-Si140x27-W PDF
150x35x20 mm Green 24 V 9.60 W F2DL-Si140x27-G PDF
150x35x20 mm Blue 24 V 9.60 W F2DL-Si140x27-B PDF
F2DL-140x50 150x70x20 mm White 24 V 19.20 W F2DL-Si140x50-W PDF
150x70x20 mm Green 24 V 19.20 W F2DL-Si140x50-G PDF
150x70x20 mm Blue 24 V 19.20 W F2DL-Si140x50-B PDF
F2DL-210x15 220x25x20 mm White 24 V 8.64 W F2DL-Si210x15-W PDF
F2DL-210x27 220x35x20 mm White 24 V 14.40 W F2DL-Si210x27-W PDF
220x35x20 mm Blue 24 V 14.40 W F2DL-Si210x27-B PDF
220x35x20 mm Green 24 V 14.40 W F2DL-Si210x27-G PDF
F2DL-210x50 220x70x20 mm White 24 V 28.80 W F2DL-Si210x50-W PDF
220x70x20 mm Green 24 V 28.80 W F2DL-Si210x50-G PDF
220x70x20 mm Blue 24 V 28.80 W F2DL-Si210x50-B PDF
F2DL-315x15 325x25x20 mm White 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-W PDF
325x25x20 mm Green 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-G PDF
325x25x20 mm Blue 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-B PDF
325x25x20 mm Red 24 V 9.12 W F2DL-Si315x15-R24 PDF
325x25x20 mm UV 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-UV24-375 PDF
F2DL-315x27 325x35x20 mm White 24 V 21.60 W F2DL-Si315x27-W PDF
325x35x20 mm Green 24 V 21.60 W F2DL-Si315x27-G PDF
325x35x20 mm Blue 24 V 21.60 W F2DL-Si315x27-B PDF