LED Lightings Bar Light F2DL

Standardized Barlights

Top quality at a top price. The new F2DL Barlight is not only affordable but also offers many additional benefits.

F2DL Barlight

The F2DL Barlight offers a variety of customization options. It is available in three different widths: 15mm, 27mm, and 50mm. Its length can be varied in 35mm increments.

A lens array, inserted above the SMD LEDs, focuses the emitted light from 120° to 60° degrees.

An additional insertion slot allows for the addition of a diffuser, polarizing filter, or collimator film. This way, you can customize the F2DL to your inspection task to achieve optimal illumination.

The back of the housing features a T-slot profile, enabling flexible mounting in machines. In addition to this mounting option, mounting brackets can be attached to the narrow sides of the barlights. The flexible cable outlet on the housing allows the cable to be routed both laterally and backward.

Application Examples

Completeness and surface inspection, label inspection, character recognition, code recognition, imprint inspection

  • Colors: W, R, G, B, IR
  • Protection class: IP40
  • Material: Aluminum
  • With resistor or without resistor
Optional Accessories
  • Industrial-grade M8 & M12 connectors
  • Mounting brackets
  • Diffuser
  • Light control film
  • Polarization filter
  • Cable in desired length
Application Examples
UV Applications
Reflective Objects
Area Illumination
Outline Control in Dark Field
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Light: Front light

Rectangle Dimension
Model Size FOV Color Volt Watt Name PDF
F2DL-35x15 45x25x20 mm x White 24 V 1.44 W F2DL-Si35x15-W PDF
45x25x20 mm x Green 24 V 1.44 W F2DL-Si35x15-G PDF
45x25x20 mm x Blue 24 V 1.44 W F2DL-Si35x15-B PDF
45x25x20 mm x Red 24 V 1.92 W F2DL-Si35x15-R24 PDF
F2DL-70x15 80x25x20 mm x White 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si70x15-W PDF
80x25x20 mm x Green 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si70x15-G PDF
80x25x20 mm x Blue 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si70x15-B PDF
80x25x20 mm x Red 24 V 3.84 W F2DL-Si70x15-R24 PDF
F2DL-105x15 115x25x20 mm x White 24 V 4.32 W F2DL-Si105x15-W PDF
115x25x20 mm x Green 24 V 4.32 W F2DL-Si105x15-G PDF
115x25x20 mm x Blue 24 V 4.32 W F2DL-Si105x15-B PDF
115x25x20 mm x Red 24 V 2.88 W F2DL-Si105x15-R24 PDF
F2DL-140x15 150x25x20 mm x White 24 V 5.76 W F2DL-Si140x15-W PDF
150x25x20 mm x Green 24 V 5.76 W F2DL-Si140x15-G PDF
150x25x20 mm x Blue 24 V 5.76 W F2DL-Si140x15-B PDF
F2DL-140x27 150x35x20 mm x White 24 V 9.60 W F2DL-Si140x27-W PDF
150x35x20 mm x Green 24 V 9.60 W F2DL-Si140x27-G PDF
150x35x20 mm x Blue 24 V 9.60 W F2DL-Si140x27-B PDF
F2DL-140x50 150x70x20 mm x White 24 V 19.20 W F2DL-Si140x50-W PDF
150x70x20 mm x Green 24 V 19.20 W F2DL-Si140x50-G PDF
150x70x20 mm x Blue 24 V 19.20 W F2DL-Si140x50-B PDF
F2DL-210x15 220x25x20 mm x White 24 V 8.64 W F2DL-Si210x15-W PDF
F2DL-210x27 220x35x20 mm x White 24 V 14.40 W F2DL-Si210x27-W PDF
220x35x20 mm x Blue 24 V 14.40 W F2DL-Si210x27-B PDF
220x35x20 mm x Green 24 V 14.40 W F2DL-Si210x27-G PDF
F2DL-210x50 220x70x20 mm x White 24 V 28.80 W F2DL-Si210x50-W PDF
220x70x20 mm x Green 24 V 28.80 W F2DL-Si210x50-G PDF
220x70x20 mm x Blue 24 V 28.80 W F2DL-Si210x50-B PDF
F2DL-315x15 325x25x20 mm x White 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-W PDF
325x25x20 mm x Green 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-G PDF
325x25x20 mm x Blue 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-B PDF
325x25x20 mm x Red 24 V 9.12 W F2DL-Si315x15-R24 PDF
325x25x20 mm x UV 24 V 12.96 W F2DL-Si315x15-UV24-375 PDF
F2DL-315x27 325x35x20 mm x White 24 V 21.60 W F2DL-Si315x27-W PDF
325x35x20 mm x Green 24 V 21.60 W F2DL-Si315x27-G PDF
325x35x20 mm x Blue 24 V 21.60 W F2DL-Si315x27-B PDF