LED Lightings High Brightness Diffuse Back Light

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FLDL-TP High Intensity Backlight

Slim-type lighting with LEDs mounted at the bottom of the light guide to brighten it. LEDs are arranged at high intensity to produce high luminosity. Ideal for shilouette inspection.

Setup Backlight FLDL-TP
Illumination Structure

Light from chip LEDs packed into a flat circuit board passes through a diffusion plate and illuminates the work from behind as a silhouette.

Major Application
  • Inspection of dimension and shape of lead frame.
  • Visual inspection of dimenison and shape of electronic parts.
  • IC lead for growing inspection for TSSOP, SOIC, DIP, SCTO, SOT, QFP.

Light/Angle: Transmitted


Light: Back light

Model Size Color Volt Watt Name PDF
FLDL-TP-10 16x16x13 mm Red 12 V 0.48 W FLDL-TP-Si10-R PDF
FLDL-TP-27 37x37x13 mm White 24 V 1.44 W FLDL-TP-Si27-W PDF
37x37x13 mm Green 24 V 1.44 W FLDL-TP-Si27-G PDF
37x37x13 mm Blue 24 V 1.44 W FLDL-TP-Si27-B PDF
37x37x13 mm Red 24 V 1.92 W FLDL-TP-Si27-R24 PDF
37x37x13 mm Red 12 V 2.40 W FLDL-TP-Si27-R PDF
37x37x13 mm IR 24 V 1.20 W FLDL-TP-Si27-IR24 PDF
37x37x13 mm UV 24 V 1.44 W FLDL-TP-Si27-UV24 PDF
FLDL-TP-36 47x47x15 mm White 24 V 2.88 W FLDL-TP-Si36-W PDF
47x47x15 mm Green 24 V 2.88 W FLDL-TP-Si36-G PDF
47x47x15 mm Blue 24 V 2.88 W FLDL-TP-Si36-B PDF
47x47x15 mm Red 24 V 3.84 W FLDL-TP-Si36-R24 PDF
47x47x15 mm Red 12 V 4.32 W FLDL-TP-Si36-R PDF
47x47x15 mm IR 24 V 1.92 W FLDL-TP-Si36-IR24 PDF
47x47x15 mm IR 12 V 1.80 W FLDL-TP-Si36-IR PDF
FHDL-TP-50 63x73x30 mm White 24 V 14.00 W FHDL-TP-Si50-M8-W PDF
63x73x30 mm Green 24 V 16.80 W FHDL-TP-Si50-M8-G PDF
63x73x30 mm Blue 24 V 16.80 W FHDL-TP-Si50-M8-B PDF
FLDL-TP-51 62x62x15 mm White 24 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si51-W PDF
62x62x15 mm Green 24 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si51-G PDF
62x62x15 mm Blue 24 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si51-B PDF
62x62x15 mm Red 24 V 7.68 W FLDL-TP-Si51-R24 PDF
62x62x15 mm Red 12 V 7.68 W FLDL-TP-Si51-R PDF
62x62x15 mm IR 24 V 3.60 W FLDL-TP-Si51-IR24 PDF
70x60x28 mm RGB 24 V 7.68 W FLDL-TP-Si51-RGB PDF
60x80x25 mm White 24 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si51-IP67-W PDF
60x80x25 mm Green 24 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si51-IP67-G PDF
60x80x25 mm Blue 24 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si51-IP67-B PDF
FLDL-TP-70x40 80x50x15 mm White 24 V 3.36 W FLDL-TP-Si70x40-W PDF
80x50x15 mm Green 24 V 3.36 W FLDL-TP-Si70x40-G PDF
80x50x15 mm Blue 24 V 3.36 W FLDL-TP-Si70x40-B PDF
80x50x15 mm Red 24 V 4.80 W FLDL-TP-Si70x40-R24 PDF
FLDL-TP-85x77 95x95x15 mm White 24 V 11.52 W FLDL-TP-Si85x77-W PDF
95x95x15 mm Green 24 V 11.52 W FLDL-TP-Si85x77-G PDF
95x95x15 mm Blue 24 V 11.52 W FLDL-TP-Si85x77-B PDF
95x95x15 mm Red 24 V 13.44 W FLDL-TP-Si85x77-R24 PDF
95x95x15 mm IR 24 V 7.92 W FLDL-TP-Si85x77-IR24 PDF
95x95x15 mm IR 12 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si85x77-IR PDF
95x95x15 mm UV 24 V 11.52 W FLDL-TP-Si85x77-UV24 PDF
104x99x28 mm RGB 24 V 16.80 W FLDL-TP-Si85x80-RGB PDF
FLDL-TP-100 112x124x24 mm White 24 V 15.36 W FLDL-TP-Si100-W PDF
112x124x24 mm Green 24 V 15.36 W FLDL-TP-Si100-G PDF
112x124x24 mm Blue 24 V 15.36 W FLDL-TP-Si100-B PDF
112x124x24 mm Red 24 V 23.04 W FLDL-TP-Si100-R24 PDF
112x124x24 mm Red 12 V 21.60 W FLDL-TP-Si100-R PDF
112x124x24 mm IR 24 V 9.00 W FLDL-TP-Si100-IR24 PDF
FLDL-TP-100x80 110x106x20 mm White 24 V 11.52 W FLDL-TP-Si100x80-W PDF
110x106x20 mm Green 24 V 11.52 W FLDL-TP-Si100x80-G PDF
110x106x20 mm Blue 24 V 11.52 W FLDL-TP-Si100x80-B PDF
110x106x20 mm Red 24 V 17.28 W FLDL-TP-Si100x80-R24 PDF
110x106x20 mm IR 12 V 7.20 W FLDL-TP-Si100x80-IR PDF
FLDL-TP-108x41 55x135x24 mm White 24 V 4.80 W FLDL-TP-Si108x41-IP67-W-C PDF
55x135x24 mm Green 24 V 4.80 W FLDL-TP-Si108x41-IP67-G-C PDF
55x135x24 mm Blue 24 V 4.80 W FLDL-TP-Si108x41-IP67-B-C PDF
FLDL-TP-110x90 124x112x25 mm RGB 24 V 17.76 W FLDL-TP-Si110x90-RGB PDF
FLDL-TP-160N 170x170x25 mm White 24 V 31.68 W FLDL-TP-Si160N-W PDF
170x170x25 mm Green 24 V 31.68 W FLDL-TP-Si160N-G PDF
170x170x25 mm Blue 24 V 31.68 W FLDL-TP-Si160N-B PDF
170x170x25 mm IR 24 V 19.20 W FLDL-TP-Si160N-IR24 PDF
170x170x25 mm IR 12 V 19.20 W FLDL-TP-Si160N-IR PDF
FLDL-TP-185x75 200x100x25 mm Red 24 V 22.00 W FLDL-TP-Si185x75-R24 PDF
FLDL-TP-200 226x216x25 mm White 24 V 57.60 W FLDL-TP-Si200-W PDF
226x216x25 mm Green 24 V 57.60 W FLDL-TP-Si200-G PDF
226x216x25 mm Blue 24 V 57.60 W FLDL-TP-Si200-B PDF
226x216x25 mm Red 24 V 80.64 W FLDL-TP-Si200-R24 PDF
226x216x25 mm IR 24 V 32.40 W FLDL-TP-Si200-IR24 PDF
226x216x30 mm Red 24 V 34.08 W FLDL-TP-Si200-2C-R-IR24 PDF
226x216x30 mm Green 24 V 17.76 W FLDL-TP-Si200-2C-G-IR24 PDF
FLDL-TP-200x100 228x116x23,5 mm White 24 V 26.88 W FLDL-TP-Si200x100-W PDF
228x116x23,5 mm Green 24 V 26.88 W FLDL-TP-Si200x100-G PDF
228x116x23,5 mm Blue 24 V 26.88 W FLDL-TP-Si200x100-B PDF
228x116x23,5 mm Red 24 V 33.60 W FLDL-TP-Si200x100-R24 PDF
228x116x23,5 mm IR 24 V 15.60 W FLDL-TP-Si200x100-IR24 PDF
228x116x23,5 mm IR 12 V 16.80 W FLDL-TP-Si200x100-IR PDF
FHDL-TP-200x100 228x116x40 mm White 24 V 48.00 W FHDL-TP-Si200x100-R24 PDF
FLDL-TP-230 242x171x24 mm Red 24 V 27.84 W FLDL-TP-Si230-HC180-R24 PDF
FLDL-TP-250 272x270x25 mm White 24 V 81.60 W FLDL-TP-Si250-W PDF
272x270x25 mm Green 24 V 81.60 W FLDL-TP-Si250-G PDF
272x270x25 mm Blue 24 V 81.60 W FLDL-TP-Si250-B PDF
272x270x25 mm Red 24 V 120.96 W FLDL-TP-Si250-R24 PDF
272x270x25 mm IR 24 V 36.00 W FLDL-TP-Si250-IR24 PDF
FLDL-TP-250x88 262x110x25 mm White 24 V 28.80 W FLDL-TP-Si250x88-W PDF
262x110x25 mm Green 24 V 28.80 W FLDL-TP-Si250x88-G PDF
262x110x25 mm Blue 24 V 28.80 W FLDL-TP-Si250x88-B PDF
FLDL-TP-250x210 272x238x25 mm Red 24 V 94.08 W FLDL-TP-Si250x210-R24 PDF
FLDL-TP-300x100 320x120x25 mm White 24 V 53.76 W FLDL-TP-Si300x100-W PDF
320x120x25 mm Green 24 V 53.76 W FLDL-TP-Si300x100-G PDF
320x120x25 mm Blue 24 V 53.76 W FLDL-TP-Si300x100-B PDF
320x120x25 mm IR 24 V 29.52 W FLDL-TP-Si300x100-IR24 PDF
FLDL-TP-320x100 334x122x25 mm IR 24 V 29.40 W FLDL-TP-Si320x100-IR24 PDF
FLDL-TP-320x180 334x202x25 mm IR 24 V 50.40 W FLDL-TP-Si320x180-IR24 PDF
FLDL-TP-360x100 380x122x25 mm IR 24 V 23.40 W FLDL-TP-Si360x100-IR24 PDF
FLDL-TP-400x300-C50-IR24 412 x 322 x 25 mm IR 24 V 81.60 W FLDL-TP-Si400x300-C50-IR24 PDF
412 x 322 x 25 mm RGB 24 V 233.28 W FLDL-TP-Si400x300-C50-RGB PDF
FLDL-TP-480x60 500x80x25 mm White 24 V 32.64 W FLDL-TP-480x60-W PDF
500x80x25 mm Green 24 V 32.64 W FLDL-TP-480x60-G PDF
500x80x25 mm Blue 24 V 32.64 W FLDL-TP-480x60-B PDF
FLDL-TP-480x400 500x420x22 mm White 24 V 232.32 W FLDL-TP-480x400-W PDF