Voltage Converter

Voltage Converter Module

With our new voltage converter a 12V lighting may be operated at any input voltage between 12 to 48 volts.

Voltageconverter 12-48V to 12V

With the support of the voltage converter which will be connected between a Lighting (12V) and a power source, any input voltage between 12 to 48 volts to the lighting is possible.
Any electricity between 12-48V can be taken from a control cabinet without taking into account the voltage specification of the lighting.
Additonaly voltage fluctuation will be compensated.

Due to the casing design an optimum heat disspation is ensured, so that the operating temperature at 48V remains at approximately 35°C.
Model Description Input Voltage

Output Voltage

Output Connector
MY-X12 Converter Module DC 12-48 V max. 3 A 12 Volt SMP-02V

*Voltageconverter for 24 Volt lightings upon request.