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Line Lights

High brightness LED Line Light is focusing with an cylindrical lense. A very intense illumination suited for the use with line-scan cameras. FHLN possess High Power-SMDs.

line light fhln
Illumination Structure:

The high brightness LED light is focused by a cylinder lens to achieve a focused beam.

Major Application:

The application is normally used for line-scan cameras.



Light: Front light

Model Size Color Volt Watt Name PDF
FLLN-50 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 80x20x40 mm White 24 V 2.40 W FLLN-Si50-W
80x20x40 mm Green 24 V 1.20 W FLLN-i50-G-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
80x20x40 mm Red 24 V 1.20 W FLLN-i50-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FHLN-50 80x32x60 mm White 24 V 8.40 W FHLN-Si50-W PDF
80x32x60 mm Green 24 V 8.40 W FHLN-Si50-G PDF
80x32x60 mm Blue 24 V 8.40 W FHLN-Si50-B PDF
FLLN-100 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 130x20x40 mm White 24 V 4.80 W FLLN-i100-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
130x20x40 mm Red 24 V 1.20 W FLLN-i100-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FHLN-100 130x32x60 mm White 24 V 16.80 W FHLN-Si100-W PDF
130x32x60 mm Red 24 V 16.80 W FHLN-Si100-R24 PDF
130x32x60 mm IR 24 V 16.80 W FHLN-Si100-IR24 PDF
F2HLN-100 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 110 x 35 x 57 mm White 21 V 29.40 W F2HLN-Si100-W-0-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
110 x 35 x 57 mm Green 21 V 29.40 W F2HLN-Si100-G-0-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
110 x 35 x 57 mm Blue 21 V 29.40 W F2HLN-Si100-B-0-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FLLN-150 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 180x20x40 mm White 24 V 7.20 W FLLN-i150-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
180x20x40 mm Red 24 V 2.40 W FLLN-i150-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FHLN-150 180x32x60 mm White 24 V 25.20 W FHLN-Si150-W PDF
FHLNX-150 180x32x105 mm White 24 V 14.40 W FHLNX-Si150-W PDF
FLLN-180 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 210x20x40 mm White 24 V 3.60 W FLLN-i180-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
210x20x40 mm Red 24 V 2.40 W FLLN-i180-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FHLN-200 230x32x60 mm White 24 V 36.00 W FHLN-Si200-W PDF
FHLNX-200 230x32x105 mm White 24 V 33.60 W FHLNX-Si200-W PDF
FLLN-240 268x20x45 mm Red 24 V 9.60 W FLLN-Si240-R24 PDF
FLLN-300 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 330x20x40 mm White 24 V 6.00 W FLLN-i300-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
330x20x40 mm Red 24 V 4.80 W FLLN-i300-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
330x20x40 mm UV 24 V 3.84 W FLLN-Si300-UV24-375 PDF
FHLN-300 330x32x60 mm White 24 V 50.40 W FHLN-Si300-W PDF
FLLN-400 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 430x20x40 mm White 24 V 19.20 W FLLN-Si400-W PDF
430x20x40 mm Red 24 V 7.20 W FLLN-i400-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
430x20x40 mm IR 24 V 14.40 W FLLN-i400-IR24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
430x20x40 mm UV 24 V 7.20 W FLLN-Si400-UV PDF
FHLN-400 430x32x60 mm White 24 V 67.20 W FHLN-Si400-W PDF
430x32x60 mm IR 24 V 67.20 W FHLN-Si400-IR24 PDF
FLLN-500 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 530 x25x50 mm White 24 V 9.60 W FLLN-i500-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
530 x25x50 mm Red 24 V 7.20 W FLLN-i500-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FLLN-600 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 630x25x50 mm White 24 V 12.00 W FLLN-i600-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
630x25x50 mm Red 24 V 8.40 W FLLN-i600-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FLLN-800 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 830x25x50 mm White 24 V 16.80 W FLLN-i800-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
830x25x50 mm Red 24 V 12.00 W FLLN-i800-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FHLN-800 830x32x60 mm White 24 V 134.40 W FHLN-Si800-W PDF
830x32x60 mm UV 24 V 72.00 W FHLN-Si800-UV24-400 PDF
FHLN-1000 1030x32x60 mm White 24 V 168.00 W FHLN-Si1000-W PDF
FLLN-1000 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 1030x25x50 mm White 24 V 38.40 W FLLN-Si1000-W PDF
1030x25x50 mm Red 24 V 14.40 W FLLN-i1000-R24-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FLLN-1300 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 1330x25x50 mm White 24 V 25.20 W FLLN-i1300-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FLLN-1700 **UPDATE FOLLOWS** 1730x25x50 mm White 24 V 33.60 W FLLN-i1700-W-UPDATE-FOLLOWS PDF
FLLN-2200 2230x25x55 mm White 24 V 32.64 W FLLN-Si2200-W PDF