New LED flash control LIC-TRG1

Fast - Universal - Affordable

lic trg1

Falcon has developed a compact and simple control system at the request of some customers. It can control lighting in continuous operation as well as in trigger and strobe mode with a power supply of 12-48V.

In strobe mode, currents up to 6A can be switched while considering the duty cycle of 10% and a switching frequency of < 100Hz. The maximum flash duration of 10ms is limited by the controller in strobe mode. In trigger mode, it can be as long as desired.

The control system has a four-pole M8 connector at both the input and output. In addition, there is a galvanic separation between power supply and signal due to the optocoupler installed at the input. Alternatively, in TTL mode, triggering can be done with a voltage between 3.3-5V. In both cases, the LIC-TRG1 has very fast response times.

The super-compact and lightweight design allows the matchbox-sized control system to be installed almost anywhere. At a price of €120, the control system is also unbeatable financially.