Feasibility Studies

Lighting Lab

Falcon Lighting Lab

The Falcon Lighting Lab offers a variety of lighting solutions with different geometries and light colors. Additionally, suitable lighting accessories such as diffusers, collimator films, and mounting adapters enhance the testing environment. Multiple camera systems with software from various manufacturers complete the labs equipment.

Conducting Feasibility Studies.

You have the choice:

Falcon Lighting Lab Employee and Customer

Falcon Experts Test Your Test Piece:

Analysis and Recommendation for Optimal Lighting.

You let a Falcon lighting expert test your test piece. You send us your test task for this (e.g., flawless and faulty sample parts). We conduct tests with different lighting solutions and send you the captured lab test images, along with a recommendation for suitable lighting.

Falcon Lighting Lab Employee and Customer

Collaborative Lighting Tests with Falcon Experts by Your Side.

We would like to invite you to visit our lighting test lab in Untereisesheim. Here, you will collaborate with a Falcon lighting expert to develop a tailored lighting solution for your requirements. With your expertise in the test piece and our proficiency in the field of lighting technology, we can swiftly work together to create an effective solution. You have the option to either use our laboratory in person on-site or alternatively participate in an online meeting where we will virtually guide you through our laboratory.


You can rent Falcon lightings, whether or not you have already conducted a feasibility study with us.

For information about our rental offerings and the process, please visit:

Rental Process