Vertical Stand / Repro Stand / Gooseneck Stand

A flexible mounting system for camera and lighting is essential for use in the laboratory or in test setups.

tripod set


The vertical stand consists of a matte black coated base plate and a guide tube. The camera is fixed to the mount by two opposing screw clamps, allowing cameras with a width of 15 to 75 mm to be clamped to the mount. A wheel for fine adjustment of the height is integrated. (Accuracy 0.01mm)

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Base plate (WxHxD): 300 x 22 x 500 mm
  • 1x Guide rod: 620 mm / diameter 24 mm
  • 1x Camera mount
  • 1x Fixation strip
  • 2x Fixation arms
  • 2x Articulated arms with clamps (all 3 axes are centrally fixed with a clamping screw)
tripod1 tripod1 tripod3 tripod4
tripod gooseneck

Gooseneck Stand

The gooseneck stand allows for flexible positioning of the illumination.

FLDR-i74-LA3-STAND-SET (P.C.D. bolt circle = 60 mm)*
FLDR-i90-STAND-SET (P.C.D. bolt circle = 70 mm)*
*Other sizes available upon request.

Delivery Contents

  • 1x Base (180x140x30 mm)
  • 1x Gooseneck (Length 290 mm)
  • 1x Mounting adapter (depending on illumination)