New mounting frame adapters for Barlights

Falcon expands its bar light accessories with two mounting sets enabling rectangular or circular arrangement of bar lights.

With the adjustable light angle from 0 to 90 degrees, the bar lights can be individually oriented from direct illumination to horizontal lighting. Markings in 18-degree increments facilitate adjustment.

Moreover, arranging the bar lights in a ring or rectangle allows a test object to be illuminated from various directions sequentially. The resulting surface shading enables the generation of a height map (Shape-from-Shading) in the subsequent image analysis, providing insights into the objects surface properties.

  • 4x angles for rectangular arrangement of 4 bar lights at 90° angle
  • 16x hexagon screws DIN912 M2.5x5
  • 8x angles for circular or oval arrangement of 8 bar lights at 45° angle
  • 32x internal hexagon screws DIN912 M2.5x5

Both mounting sets are suitable for the FLDL series widths: 10, 15, 25, 27, 30, and F2DL series widths: 15 and 27.

Additional information about mounting adapters