LIC-S Controller

LIC-S Sequent Controller

lic s lic s

This variant of LIC-4256N allows an entry into the "shape from shading" technique.

In this image evaluation method, the object is illuminated from multiple directions one after the other, and an image is captured for each direction. The software calculates an image from the individual images, highlighting some errors more clearly.

The 4 channels of LIC-S can be programmed in 8 sequences. Each trigger signal activates the next sequence, allowing you to control 4 individual illuminations or segments of a 4-segment light with just one trigger signal in different patterns and intensities.

The intensity control of the channels can be done via PC or buttons, similar to LIC-4256.

LIC-S Sequent Controller

Model Input/Output Voltage [V] Power per Channel [W] Number of Output Channels Number of Sequences Regulation
LIC-S-4256 12-48V 45W at 24V 4 1-8 PWM
LIC-S-4256-4A 12-48V 90W at 24V 4 1-8 PWM

Accessories - DIN Rail Adapter for LIC-S

Article No. Description Compatible Drawings
6-256-H DIN Rail Adapter Kit / Mounting rail adapter
din rail kit
LIC-S-4256, LIC-S-4256-4A Drawing 100 Kb

Compatible* with, among others

  • Allied Vision (AVT) industrial cameras
  • Baumer industrial cameras / VeriSens
  • Basler industrial cameras
  • Cognex industrial cameras / In-Sight
  • IDS industrial cameras
  • Keyence Vision Sensor / PLC control
  • and more.

*Assembly instructions and connection examples can be provided individually upon request. We are happy to assist you with the configuration.