LIC-TRG1 Controller

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lic-trg1 lic-trg1

The LIC-TRG1 is a compact and simple control system. It can control illuminations in continuous, trigger, and strobe mode with a power supply voltage of 12-48V. The strobe time can be limited to 10ms for safe overexposure protection.

The control system has a four-pole M8 connector at the input and output. The built-in optocoupler at the input provides galvanic isolation between the power supply and the signal. Alternatively, it can be triggered in TTL mode with a voltage between 3.3-5V. In both cases, the LIC-TRG1 is characterized by very fast response times.

Due to its super-compact and lightweight design, the matchbox-sized control system can be installed almost anywhere.

LIC-TRG1 Flash Control

Model Type Input/Output Voltage [V] Power per Channel [A] Control
LIC-TRG1 1 Channel Continuous-, Trigger-, Strobe-Mode (Strobe limit: 10ms) 12-48V up to 6A on/off

Accessory - DIN Rail Adapter for LIC-TRG1

Article No. Description Compatible Drawing
6-TRG1-H DIN Rail Adapter Kit LIC-TRG1 Product Photo 390 Kb

Compatible* with, among others

  • Allied Vision (AVT) industrial cameras
  • Baumer industrial cameras / VeriSens
  • Basler industrial cameras
  • Cognex industrial cameras / In-Sight
  • IDS industrial cameras
  • Keyence Vision Sensor / PLC Control
  • and many more.

*Assembly instructions and connection examples can be provided upon request. We are happy to assist you with the configuration.